Eating Out: Keto-Friendly Surprises

I live an hour outside of a major city. I love the peace and quiet that living in rural Alberta affords me; however, when I need to go into the city it is usually a day-long investment. That means that, at some point, I’m probably going to need to feed my fat-fueled self, and in this carb-crazed society it can be tricky to stay on the LCHF gravy train.

Every once and a while I will stumble across a gem keto meal choice at an unlikely source. This weekend’s surprise was found at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. When I went to Five Guys in my pre-LCHF life, I loaded up on the delicious cajun fries. I devoured burgers on carb-loaded buns, and didn’t think twice about the ketchup. I didn’t ever take notice to the small print on the bottom of their menu board stating that all burgers are available without buns!

I was offered my bacon cheeseburger either to be lettuce wrapped, or served in a bowl. Intrigued, and a little less than keen on spilling burger all over myself, I chose the bowl, which turned out to be a disposable aluminum lasagna tray- classy! It was like a little beef salad with mustard and mayo dressing, and it hit the spot completely.

What has been your best keto-friendly surprise at a restaurant?


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