Fat Bombs: PB&J

I’m horrible at keeping my fat intake up. I never seem to eat enough fatty foods when I’m keto, which, as we all know, doesn’t make a ketogenic diet effective.

One way I increase my fats is with a fat bomb. Fat bombs are, usually, delicious dessert items made from a fat base (coconut oil, butter, mct oil, heavy cream, etc). I make mine bite size so that I can avoid having a chunk of oil in my mouth for too long, as I am a texture eater and am grossed out by the oiliness.


I experiment with recipes, and hope for the best. Yesterday provided one amazingly delectable fat bomb, and one that was not as successful. Public service announcement: liquids and oils don’t emulsify very well without a binding agent- like peanut butter!

Which brings me to my fat bomb success- peanut butter and jam fat bombs. Sweet, and salty, and no oily texture.


I melted 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1/2 cup of peanut butter in a double-boiler. Once melted, I let it cool a bit- not long enough to solidify, but long enough to be cool to the touch. I then wisked in 1/4 cup of coolwhip (but heavy cream/whipping cream would be a fattier option) and added 5 mashed raspberries. I separated into 9 mini cupcake liners and put into the fridge to firm.

Did I mention how delicious they are? And for a whopping 19g of fat, and 2.7g net carbs per serving, they are a great addition to a keto lifestyle!

What is your go-to fat bomb recipe?


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  1. With the mashed raspberries, do they mix in with the peanut butter mixture or is a bit added to each “cupcake”?

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    1. Chandelle says:

      Because I was hoping that they would suspend in the liquid, I added them to the mixture, then spooned the whole sha-bang into the cups; however, they still mostly sunk. You could effectively just put them in the bottoms of the cups and add the liquid on top. Either way should taste just as incredible!


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