Weigh-In Wednesdays

I have a Brokeback Mountainesque obsession with scales when I’m on a weight-loss journey, in that, I just can’t quit them. Not weighing myself daily causes an internal struggle. I need the constant affirmation that I am on track, and doing well. I assume this quirk started in grade school with the need for high grades and praise. I’m not bigger than my ego, and I know it. I might not be super proud of it, but I know it.

week 2 weigh-insig.jpg

I’m finishing up my first two weeks being in ketosis again. I pee on my ketostix on a ridiculously regular basis (read: almost every time I have to let the flow go), and have not slipped out of ketosis yet. I’m proud of this as living the low-carb/high-fat lifestyle is not the simplest thing to do, especially in a society that still believes that the low-fat lifestyle is the best diet for everyone.

pee sticksig.jpg

I have a difficult time staying mentally on track after long plateaus or slight gains, which happens more often than not, as I seem to get the good ol’ keto-constipation (TMI? nah- we’re all friends now) on the regular. For instance, I’m currently carrying around a pound of meat from 3 days ago, plus whatever I’ve devoured since then. I was really hoping that I would have been able to pass it by this morning’s weigh-in. Alas, that was not the case, therefore my weigh-in this morning was disheartening, and I have turned to Superman-strong black coffee to try to get the train moving (so to speak).


I suppose the plus-side to having a less-than-stellar weigh in this week is that next week’s should be amazing! *knock on wood*

How do you deal with your journey, tracking your days, and your milestones?


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  1. tannerx says:

    I’m neurotic and weigh in almost daily – I need affirmation as well and I’m having a hard time breaking the habit. Any advice?


    1. Chandelle says:

      Honestly, I haven’t been able to break myself of the habit either; however, I will only weigh myself before I eat or drink anything that day.Maybe start your day with a glass of water waiting at your bedside. Or, after your weekly (or monthly) weigh-in, remove the batteries and take away the ease of checking in.
      Keep me updated on how you make out!


  2. Craig says:

    No weigh-ins for me! My goals are strange (like needing to buy a new belt -complete! – or needing to buy new shirts because now they’re too big – incomplete!.

    For me, day to day monitoring is too much of a hassle. I just focus on staying on the diet and know time will take care of the rest. I know what I’ll look like when I’m close to what I want to weigh. Then I’ll visit the scale.

    My good friend who just started up weighs in everyday for inspiration. He get’s pretty pumped up on good days and redoubles his efforts on bad day. I say do whatever works for you!


    1. Chandelle says:

      Those are great goals! And congrats on the new belt!


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