About Me & Keto

About Me

Hi! I’m Chandelle, and I’m a carboholic. I have PCOS, and insulin resistance. I need to change my eating habits, again, and make healthier life choices.

I have been in ketosis before- I put in a year of the ketogenic diet in 2015. I lost 40lbs and felt great. I came off of the diet after hitting a multi-month-long plateau and gained it all back within the following year.

For my 33rd birthday, I decided to make the change. This time, to make myself more accountable to continue, regardless of frustrations, I decided to make my journey interactive and transparent.

While the majority of this blog will be about my go at the ketogenic diet, expect entries on life, sports, urban farming, and other hobbies that make my life fun.

Join me on my quest for health and happiness!


What is Keto/Ketosis/Ketogenic Diet?

Keto is slang for either ketosis or ketogenic; however, those two terms don’t mean the same thing.

Ketosis is the state your body goes into. Your liver starts to expel ketone bodies, created from fatty acids, after your body starts to convert non-carbohydrate energy into glucose. Typically, if you are in a state of ketosis, you are losing weight. You can test your ketosis levels by peeing on a Ketostix (available over the counter at pharmacies). You may also experience something called ‘keto breath’ which smells a little like drunk breath, and the ‘keto flu’ which is the overall lethargy and tummy-issues when your body is adjusting to the new diet.

The ketogenic diet, while more complicated in practice, is essentially a high fat (+/- 70%), medium protein (+/- 25%), low-to-no carbohydrate (+/-5%) diet. Originally created to treat childhood epilepsy in the 1920s, it has become increasingly popular as a way to cut weight, improve type II diabetes, and help manage PCOS and it’s symptoms (which is great for me!).